Exposing the Illuminati Music Industry

The most influential 'starlet' on the planet right now?

MK Monarch programmed Disney Sex Kitten.....

Miley Cyrus 

..complete with one eyes, satan's tongue signal, black/red/white programmed fashion for Beta sex kittens, almost naked.. etc and, from one of the biggest publishing house on the planet, Getty images.

Recent performance (Dec, 2013)

Complete with Satanic hand signals galore from the backup singers
Please do your own further research... however, there is enough clues now, to see clearly, the programming of such 'starlets' is nothing less than NWO pure evil:

QUOTE: "If you are a parent of young children or teenagers who are considering a career in the entertainment industry, become educated via occult symbolism and keep your children as far away from Hollywood or the entertainment industry as possible. Monarch Programming is destroying the human race one person at a time, the children need to be protected and the best method of doing so is through education and knowledge of these horrendous activities and ultimately non-support to the industries who are perpetrating these crimes against Humanity.

The shattering of a woman’s mind is NOT glamorous or sexy…"


BLOG: Disarming the Hollywood Illuminati Agenda

About - "I only have one purpose with this site on the Hollywood Illuminati and that purpose is to disarm the sociopath and criminally insane Nazi cults that controls Hollywood and the audio,print and visual media.

I am from a small rural town in La. State (Buras located in Plaquemines Parish) and after Hurricane Katrina aka US Army Corp man made flood disaster, I discovered blogging    as a way to communicate the real issues and reality because there was a concentrated effort by the corporate owned main stream dying media to portray things in a false light, which gave way to unrest and totally destroyed the image of New Orleans, for so many people, who watched the news and read the NY Times about what was supposedly happening on the ground during the Army Corp Man Made Disaster aka Katrina.
Before blogging I was a freelance journalist, who could usual get any article that I sent to any La. Paper published but after Katrina, in an effort to put all media under a few evil doers, the press became that of Nazi Germany, where facts no longer mattered and shocking horrors of injustice and racism were routinely ignored. I am here to undo their wrongs and solve the problems that these idiots have helped to create.
Louisiana and even America has always been used as a testing ground for nuclear weapons, vaccines, theft of private property and prison enslavement by the off shore corporations, CIA, US Gov and Illuminati.
Ever since Katrina, I have seen everything from Halliburtion Corp. moving in illegal aliens, to Time Warner CNN and Hollywood promoting Klansmen into state office to even child sex slaves, as young as 13 years old being held captive by officials in my rural home parish-and even with Obama’s Fast & Furious gun running and arming of Mexican Cartels-this stufff mostly remains a secret because of a coordinated effort between the media, bankers, corporations and Hollywood.
I have lived and worked in Hollywood for over a decade and needless to say, I know these people and understand how these people or Illuminati operate and my job is to disarm these sick bastards before they completely corrupt every child and enslave every American.  I’m a reformed Illuminati. I am here to expose and I am here to fight THE NEW WORLD ORDER OF NAZIS."



Due to the large number of artists and the high frequency of music video and audio releases, we are unable to keep track of every new development in the industry.
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We have collated a number of links to artists' channels, websites, etc, which will assist in 'Tracking' developments from each Illuminati Whore star below. In alphabetical order, as follows:

Most stars can be found on the Take 40 website



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Mainstream musicians that sold their souls to the devil for fame and fortune.



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Just two years the difference - from THIS: 

to THIS:


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Rhianna: Channelling Medusa - the Reptile Queen.





Published on Oct 30, 2013

Former child star Corey Feldman spills the tea about growing up in Hollywood and tells Wendy about his revealing new memoir "Coreyography."